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What is MoneySite?

How MoneySite Works

MoneySite is one of the UK’s leading Price Comparison websites, we save our savvy customers money by comparing all insurance products, money / financial products, energy tariffs, mobile phone deals & tariffs and broadband deals. We can save our customers up to £1000 by comparing insurance and financial products. We also compare travel, shopping and hundreds of other products. Our price comparison engine has been built with the latest technology & constantly updates to provide you with the best deals on your car insurance, home insurance and just about every other insurance product on the market. We constantly update our deals on 0% balance transfer credit cards, loans, mortgages and current accounts. Our mobile phone deals, broadband deals and energy deals are some of the best on the market.

MoneySite provides users with access to cutting edge comparison technologies to help you compare deals on car insurance, home insurance, credit cards, loans, mortgages, gas & electricity, broadband, mobile phones and shopping.

Our simple to use price comparison engines make our service user-friendly and extremely quick.

MoneySite is free!

That’s right our savvy customers are not charged for using our service, our remuneration comes from our trusted providers!

MoneySite values your security & privacy

No junk

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to junk mail, we simply will not send any unsolicited emails.

Secure application process

Moneysite is a fully secure website which uses the lastest encryption technology, we promise to keep your data safe at all times!

Complete data protection

We comply 100% with the Data Protection Act. We will never sell your data, all information held with MoneySite is encrypted and confidential for your security.

Guaranteed savings

Our savvy customers are guaranteed to save money with our industry leading price comparisons!

No sneaky charges

Our service is free to our users, our remuneration comes from our trusted providers!

No cold calling

We have a zero tolerance on cold calling we just don’t do it, we will only contact you if you ask us to or if we need to verify your identity.

Contact with your consent

You will never get any annoying emails or offers from us. We will only contact you, if you specifically ask us to or if you sign up to our newsletter.

User friendly price comparisons

We value your time, which is why we have made our comparison tables user-friendly and jargon-free!

How does MoneySite make money?
Our remuneration comes from our partners at no extra cost to you. In many cases, the deals you find on our site are cheaper than trying to go direct.

How can I be sure that MoneySite has the best and latest deals?
Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Van Insurance, Pet Insurance & Life Insurance
Our Insurance comparisons are provided through QuoteZone a UK company that is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The service is clear and transparent and the customer could save on Insurance by using this service.

Credit cards, loans, mortgages, current accounts, savings accounts & ISA’s
Our financial products all contain data from third parties who have direct agreements with Banks and other financial institutions. We continually monitor the data they provide and update our comparison engines with new deals and offers. This ensures that our service is current, accurate and comprehensive.

Gas & electricity comparisons
Our gas & electricity comparison engine has the latest offers and deals on the market, whether dual fuel or single, you could save up to £180 on average. Our gas & electricity comparison service is 100% impartial, covers the whole market and is 100% free to use.

How can I benefit from using MoneySite?
Everyday bills increase and tariffs go up across the board, credit cards are expensive and broadband prices increase without warning.

MoneySite could help you save money by searching for great deals easily from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

By not using our free services you could be overpaying on your household bills!


We welcome feedback, so give us a holler [email protected] tell us what you think about MoneySite, good, bad or ugly!