Rules and Guidelines

If you have a article to share, or a suggestion for something you think we should be covering, we’d love to hear from you. We’re particularly interested in:

⦁ Finance
⦁ Entrepreneurship
⦁ Making Money Online
Affiliate Marketing
⦁ Generating Income Online
Online Businesses
⦁ Drop Shipping
⦁ Freelancing
⦁ Passive Income
⦁ Software development
⦁ Ecommerce business
⦁ Online side-projects
⦁ Nomadic Lifestyle
⦁ Influencer Marketing
⦁ Guides and How-to’s
⦁ Case studies


To maintain a certain quality standard for our readers, MoneySite will only publish posts that meet the following quality requirements:

⦁ Your post provides value.
⦁ Your post has a coherent structure.
⦁ Include pictures! When selecting images for your post, only use images that you have the right to use! If you use images from the internet, make sure that you have the permission to use them and credit the owner.
⦁ Your posts are original.
⦁ Write for a general audience with engaging and descriptive titles.

* Please note that we reserve the right to make edits to your submissions before publishing.

Accepting Guest Posts

We are currently accepting guests posts, however the post should follow the guidelines mentioned above. We’re seeking high quality articles with at least 800 words.

Authors have the chance of a link back to their own personal blogs. Any other backlinks within the post are subject to our consideration.

Advertising and Sponsored Posts

If you’re a company looking for promotion or you have a website that sells products or services your post will automatically qualify as advertising/sponsored post. We are very selective about advertising so please contact us first at

What Should Not Be Posted:

⦁ Affiliate links.
⦁ Weird and worthless money making schemes.
⦁ Copyright infringing content.
⦁ Gambling and sites with adult themes.
⦁ Illegal goods and services.
⦁ Articles with false or misleading information.

* We may have to remove your submission if we feel it doesn’t fit in with the values of the community.

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