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Many of us still think that the only way to get Bitcoins or cryptocurrency is to either mine it, or invest in it, but this isn’t the case at all. There are plenty of ways out there to get free Bitcoins and free cryptocurrency without investing money, and there are sure to be more ways to come.

But this isn’t a get-rich quick thing where you going to get free Bitcoins every second. Acquiring a decent amount of cryptocurrency will take time – lots of it. Just like making money takes time.

Here are a few easy avenues to take, but keep in mind that none of these are “sure” things. Lets dive in:


Cryptocurrency Airdrops!

Thanks to Bitcoin, there are loads of other cryptocurrencies out there, with loads more to come. It can be hard to break into the market. That’s why new and emerging companies offer airdrops for their coin. Basically, what you’ll do is sign up for an email, or download a program, or sign up for their wallet, and in return, these companies will give you a small amount of their currency for free, so that means free money! Follow airdrops through websites like airdropalert.com.

Some popular Airdrops sources include:

Try Steemit, a blockchain-based content rewards platform!

Steemit works a lot like Reddit, only instead of upvoting and downvoting giving you useless Karma, you earn a cryptocurrency. It works like this: you can share whatever you want, and if it does well, you earn about 75% of the payout, while the voters get 25%. So it pays to vote, but it pays even more to share content. The value of the payout depends entirely on how much Steem Power (SP) you’ve earned. So the better you are at gaming the site, the more profitable it’ll be.

Find Crypto Bounty Campaigns

Much like airdrops, companies that utilize bounties task you with completing small offers, like liking their Facebook page, blogging about them, or anything similar. In return, you earn their currency. If you want to know when bounties are happening you can sign up for bounitesalert.com


Set up donations!

If you’ve got an online platform or website, you have an opportunity for donations, and if you want, you can request that those donations be in a coin of your choosing. It’s really easy to set up a wallet and share your address.


These websites will pay you a very small amount of free bitcoins or cryptocurrency to watch an ad, visit websites, or perform a small task. They are very easy to use however these sites do not offer much in the way of compensation.

Check out these which seem to be the most popular sites:

Affiliate Programs and referrals

In any business, being an affiliate will grant you a commission for every referral you make. Some websites not only allow you to be an affiliate through a referral program, but they also allow you to be paid in cryptocurrency as commission.

These are a list of some cryptocurrency affiliate programs:

  • mannabase.com (Share your referral link and receive Manna in your web based wallet.)
  • Coinbase.com (Get 10 USD with referrals – if your friend initiates a buy or sell of $100 USD)
  • coinmama.com (Earn 15% of Coinmama’s commission on all of your referrals.)
  • trezor.io (You can apply for affiliate partnership.)
  • ledgerwallet.com

MicroJobs and Freelancing

Technically this is not completely free since you have to do some work and complete small tasks, however It’s a great way to earn cryptocurrency and bitcoins fast without investing your money (just your time). Think of it like Fiverr, a website where you get paid a little money to do a little job. Only in this case, you’re paid instantly in cryptocurrency. Such websites, like Coinworker, allow you to perform small little jobs in return for specifically Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

Freelancing also fall into this category. If you perform contract work, like writing, graphic design – and everything in between – you can request cryptocurrency or Bitcoins in exchange for your services. Why you should consider this? Because they have the highest payout. If you looking for the highest paying bitcoin and cryptocurrency sites, you should definitely consider freelancing.

Some popular websites include:

Apps and Video Games

There are several apps and games out there that will reward you with coins for playing. These can be similar to the faucets or small flash games that will reward you with bitcoin (or any other coin) by playing. Aircoins is a good example but there is many others.


Selling goods

If you’re the creative type who makes stuff, or if you just have a lot of junk lying around that you’d like to get rid of, then you can easily implement crypto coin payments through whatever wallet you use.

If you want to piggyback off a 3rd party site, both Bitify (like Ebay) and Openbazaar.org allow for you to sell your items, as well.


There are a few ways to drip free btc and crypto coins into your wallet without investing money but please note there is no such thing as “free bitcoins instantly” or “free cryptocurrency every second without doing nothing” because in the end something will have to be given in return, whether it’s time or effort. But, still, cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and have been for most of the past decade, so getting in early to the next bitcoin may be profitable.

Did we miss any crypto money making strategy? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Wings DAO allows token holders to earn rewards for accurate ICO fundraising predictions with no risk. Start up projects engage the WINGS Ethereum smart contract platform (wings.aaby offering a reward to people who accurately predict the amount that the fund will raise. If the start up is a scam the wings token holders claim the collateral deposit.

    Flixxo is a decentralized audiovisual media distribution platform based on Ethereum and BitTorrent. Content creators can set a unique viewing fee for each video, as well as individually set content distribution rewards for ‘seeders'(distributors). Viewers can earn tokens for watching adverts and then trade those tokens with a content creators and distributors in order to access content. Once a video is downloaded, the viewer can earn rewards for reseeding.

    Latium – An Ethereum based tasking platform. Employers post a task and a rewards offer. Workers earn rewards for completing tasks

    Adhive – an Ethereum based influencer marketing platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI). An advertiser posts the desired messaging requirements and a reward. A marketer links their media channel to the AI . When the AI recognizes that the messaging requirements have been met, payment is released.

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