What is Revcontent?

Revcontent is a fast-growing content recommendation network founded in 2013 by John Lemp. Revcontent presently powers more than 250 billion content recommendations each month; this arguably makes it the largest and best-performing native ad network globally.

Today, Revcontent puts itself ahead of its counterparts through the integration of highly responsive widgets, infinite scroll, gallery implementations, and unlimited API customizations into its system. These ad formats have been found to be very beneficial to publishers and advertisers.

Revcontent users also benefit from various features such as the highest eCPM for worldwide traffic, compatibility for different geographic, contextual, and demographic channels as well as customizable widgets with a wide range of site-specific targeting options.

Revcontent’s widgets can be connected to all kinds of blogs and websites to enhance traffic and increase revenue. Publishers also get a wide range of widget options such as media, technology, and entertainment widgets. You may also choose to add the native ad network’s widgets at the end of an article on your website to fetch you additional income. Revcontent’s advanced analytics and report system give publishers real-time statistics about their website’s performance from their compact dashboards.

Like most ad companies, Revcontent pays on Net 30 terms. Publishers are paid on a monthly basis, and their minimum payout threshold is 50 dollars. Lastly, Payments options for Revcontent include PayPal among others.

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