Yes, you can make a lot of money online if you properly set yourself up for success. It may sound too good to be true, but it is true. We are not in the 90s anymore, there are many ways to generate income online nowadays. However there is one way that I have found very lucrative which keeps me coming back, and that is…. Blogging, but wait! There is more to it…

It may seem too obvious to you, but blogging pays more than you think… Blogging opens new avenues for multiple revenue streams. I have several blogs that generate monthly income for me. I usually make five figures a month with all my blogs, but you don’t have to run several blogs to make substantial monthly income, actually one blog is enough to make you a millionaire if all measures are put in place.

The Audience is King and Queen

Let’s talk about the most important aspect of making money online, your audience. Online websites like every other business needs exposure. No matter the route you are taking, you must ensure to expose your blog, and that can only be achieved through one means: building a loyal audience. That is the core idea of any business whether online or offline.

Everyone will tell you that the content is king… But a loyal audience is what your blogging business really needs to grow. And building a loyal audience can only be possible by driving quality traffic to your blog, it should be traffic that has an interest in what you are writing.

One thing to note when driving traffic to your blog is conversion. Conversion simply refers to the number of your visitors that actually become your followers or paying customers. You should never make the mistake of driving random traffic to your blog. Many bloggers and website owners usually find themselves making the mistake of looking for traffic without considering conversion and bounce rate, you need to identify your audience.

Yes, you must drive traffic to your blog as much as possible, but more traffic alone does not guarantee revenue or followers, which is why conversion should be a major focus when getting traffic. Even Google search engine is looking into those metrics, currently user engagement is a major factor for ranking in the search engine… So yes, this is a big deal.

You probably asking how do I get traffic to my own blogs… The answer is SEO (Search engine optimization). Sure you can get traffic from many different places (Some examples below) but if you want the best quality traffic to your blog you should learn more about SEO. Getting top ranking for a competitive keyword can mean everything to your blog. Entire businesses die or live just because of SEO alone.

Some popular traffic sources:

• Quora
• Reddit
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• Youtube
• Forums
• Guest posting
• Instagram

Don’t follow your passion, follow the profit

You don’t have to come up with a million dollar idea, but when it comes to making money online, picking the right niche is very important. Everyone will tell you to follow your passion and your dreams… Though this may sound like bad news, but picking a niche that you are passionate about is not good enough; you must pick a niche that has been proven to work effectively.

I want you to know that many bloggers get it wrong when they select niches they love because they believe that other people would love them as well, but the truth is that people are mostly interested in things that provide solutions to their problems, make life more comfortable and much better for them.

Let’s break this down, it is important that you select a niche that you have a passion for; it could be your hobby, work, or anything that is much interesting to you. Technically you can be successful in any niche if you spend the time building your audience. However, if you really want to make money online, selecting a niche you are passionate about should not be your core target, what you should be considering is profitability. Do not be afraid of selecting a big niche; in fact, I advise you select a big and trendy niche, because that’s where the money is. Relax! Don’t be alarmed, you can do this.

The right formula to succeed in a niche is to do market research and find out those profitable niches that already have established an audience or pick a niche that is profitable enough to generate income within a short period. I often use Google Trends to locate popular niches. It is a really powerful tool, and it is free.

Some niches can pay you more than $100 per click on Google Adsense, yes that’s a real thing (check the screenshot at the top). I personally use SEMrush to find profitable niches with high CPC keywords and low competition (SEMrush is not a free tool but fortunately you can sign up and get a free 7 days trial, plus a free account can search for 10 keywords per day free of charge!). You can also use Google Ads Keyword Planner to find high CPC keywords.

So find those profitable low competition keywords and then bring in your uniqueness, give it a little twist and individuality into the niche, or build something of much value and quality than your competitors, and you will drastically increase your chances of being very successful. Just don’t forget to research your competition so you can figure out how to stand out in the crowd, and don’t give up too quickly.

Some popular tools include:

Google Trends (Analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search.)
SEMrush (Competitors research, shows organic keywords for any site.)
• Ahrefs (Competitor research tools and SEO backlink checker.)
• Google Ads Keyword Planner

Advertisement is easy money

Ads nowadays are the most passive way to make money online and is probably the easiest way because you don’t have to do much to get them set up. If you utilize an Ad network like for instance, Google AdSense then all you need to make it effective is traffic.

Plus you can also sell sponsored posts and ads directly but needs more dedication and the right approach. After you have established yourself, approach brands and companies and talk about advertisement opportunities.

Some popular Ad Networks include:

• Google Adsense
• Media.net
• Chitika
• Infolinks
• Adsterra
• Revenuehits

Native Ads:

• Taboola.com
• Outbrain.com
• Content.ad
• RevContent.com

Affiliate Marketing is a Golden Goose

Affiliate marketing, without a doubt, is the most lucrative way to earn money online for me. It is a very simple process that brings in lots of money if properly carried out. You might think that all you need to do is put a link on your site and then watch the cash flow but that isn’t the case. You should only use affiliate links when you are providing your audience with value and ensure you provide quality content. Otherwise, your links will be useless and will remain there without being clicked.

Some popular Affiliate Networks include:

• Amazon Affiliates
• Shareasale
• Clickbank
• CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)
• eBay Partner Network
• Rakuten Marketing
• JVZoo

Unlock More Revenue Streams

Let’s get this right, blogging is more than just a blog, blogging opens the door to thousands of opportunities for you which then create other income generating avenues, and that is what makes blogging fascinating. Use your blog as a hub that connects and promotes all your revenue streams. If you have a loyal audience that gives attention to you, you certainly will make money online.

After building your audience you can also make your own products by selling courses, eBooks or other products. Believe me, if you have the right audience, and you create the right product you’ll be able to make a substantial amount of money. And that’s how I’m making money online.

If you do further research and try different methods, you will come across other relevant ways to make a solid income online, there are a ton of options to explore that you can use with your blog:

• Youtube
• Podcasting
• Freelance
• Ecommerce
• eBooks
• Online Courses
• Offering services
• Memberships and subscriptions
• Consulting
• Email marketing
• Webinars


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